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Created 1998-2009, 2037
Created By T-Virus, Las Plagas, Plaga
Creation Unknown
Based Human
Height/Length Various
Purpose Test Subjects, Bioweapons
Status Alive

"First the T-Virus, then zombies, whats next? Oh yeah, mutated creatures!"- Michael Franklin Miller

Zombies are creatures that have been reanimated by the T-Virus, Las Plagas, and Plaga which were created by the Umbrella Corporation. They were the result of experimentation with viral weaponry, however the virus managed to get out into the open and then by 1998, Raccoon City became under siege with the undead corpses. These creatures were also responsible for the creation of T-Virus Alpha after biting survivor Michael Franklin Miller, which gave him his powers and abilities.


Zombies have been around since 1998, even after the destruction of Raccoon City and were killed throughout the entire world by many factions, including Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus. By 2009, after the death of Albert Wesker, most of them were wiped out and then by Division Delta, S.T.A.R.S, and even the B.S.A.A.


By the year 2037, Oswell E. Spencer still uses zombies as test subjects and as bioweapons against Division Delta.


The most common form of zombie is the one infected with the T-Virus, usually slow, but retain their one strength which is volume. Others infected with viruses like Plaga and Las Plagas are a lot faster and possess a somewhat different biology than the T-Virus and Plaga infected zombies. Usually when they bite or scratch, a person is infected with any virus they possess. Zombies, primarily the T-Virus infected zombies, are known to have the Anti-Virus which can cure a person before becoming a zombie, however after 36 hours, the Anti-Virus is useless. There are only several people that can't be infected such as Michael Franklin Miller, Alice, Jane Valentine and other people due to the fact that they are already the carries of viruses, that can resist the T-Virus and others. Another zombie that is usually uncommon are the Nazi Zombies, which are usually infected with a virus called Biowaffe-Z and that was the earliest form of zombie, during World War 2. They only ways of killing them are either destroying the brain, such as with a bullet, breaking the neck or stabbing and even slicining through the brain. Another way of killing them is severing the head from the spinal column.

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