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Zombie Dog

Date of
Created via:t-Virus infection

Zombie Dogs are the result of any breed of dog (Canis lupus familiaris) infected with the t-Virus. As they are created via accidental exposure, they are not to be confused with Cerberus, which are deliberately created B.O.W's.


Following t-Virus infection, dogs begin to exhibit many characteristics of t-Virus infection in mammals. Their epidermis begins to rot and fall off. Their skin and fur begin to hang off exposed muscle and bone. Some individuals are rendered completely blind as their eyes putrefy. Their keen senses of smell and hearing are virtually unchanged.

Like most infected mammals, zombie dogs act aggressive due to their heightened metabolism, which places them in a state of eternal starvation. Unlike zombies, however, zombie dogs retain most of their speed, agility, and jumping range, and maintain their natural instinct to form packs. They have the ability to work as a cohesive unit, which, combined with their inability to feel pain, make them dangerous adversaries. Like zombies, they have no instinct of self-preservation, and damage is inconsequential to them, loss of limbs will not deter them from getting to their desired prey.

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