Z T-V E 9883 V.2
Z T-V E 9883
Created 2005
Created By Zak Xenas
Creation During an experiment
Based The creature's origion's are unkown
Height/Length height/length unknown
Purpose Kill any rivals and enemies
Status Active

The Z T-V E 9883 is an experiment mutated with the T-Virus. It's name stands for Zak T-Virus Experiment 9883. After being injected it was given a huge size, the ability to fire beams of energy from its hands and mouth, and near-invincibility. The creature looks just like a dragon. It did have a weakness it was always eating. According to rumors the only way to kill it was to put explosives such as grenades, C-4 charges, and any other form of explosives. The creature has to be fed every 5 minutes. So a person would have to put the charges into its food or simply throwing it into its mouth. It was used as a creature of execution, defense, and battle. It suffered many injuries during battle, but it always came out on top. Eventually it was catured and taken away by Umbrella to be their tool of warfare. It escaped after it took on Umbrella's agents and killed all who attacked it. It returned back to its creator with many other enhancements. An example would be its mounted turrets and resistance to the elements and acid. Its current whereabouts are unkown, but rumors say it's still alive, and its still hungry.

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