Zach is a playable character in the extensive fanon-created game, Survival Climax. Zach possesses only his unique Remmington XP-100 handgun, Oblivion. However, the handgun is quite powerful and can deal with lesser foes with ease. It should be noted that the weapon must be reloaded following every shot.

Zachary uses an array of powerful melee abilities that can wreck havoc on his enemies. Due to his unnatural power, he is generally capable of dismembering foes and piercing their bodies with ease.



Dark Saviour - Zade's default outfit

Enigma - Tagerson sports a full cloak and hood, utterly shielding himself from exposure


"Fall in line". - Follow

"Kill them". - Move out

"Go ahead, then". - Move out

"Assistance"! - Assistance

"Agony awaits you". - Taunt (Stands straight and waves arm)

"If only I cared." - Partner death

"You were nothing anyway." - Partner death

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