Zachary Zade
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Race/Ethnicity Caucasion
Occupation Terrorist
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) N/A
Status Alive

"A despair neither righteous nor meaningful. Succumb to that notion, and you see that dying is simply collateral damage to a dereliction of life."

Cold and single-minded, Zachary is the de-facto leader of the Zade Organization and a major antagonist within the fan-fiction games by You Know Who.

As a child urchin, he was abducted by the Saviours in an attempt to seize viable subjects for their rebellion. Beaten, traumatised and left weak and questioning, Zach began to think of the world as a hell. Following their downfall, he escaped out of the prison he had known for so long. His time as a guinea pig had tortured his mind into a wreckage. To this end, he made plans to inflict a veritable wrath upon the world.

Zade would closely follow many of the events linked to terrorism, seeing them as archetypes for which to base his chaotic plans on. Though he, and many of those with him in the Saviour Syndicate, were branded failures by their torturers, Zade nevertheless possess a number of traits that set him apart from other humans.

Personality & BehaviourEdit

"A lucid and ruthless infliction of revelation."
―Zach, reminiscing on his time as a subject

Bearing unrelenting grudges against the world, a tormented childhood has given impetus to his incredibly pessimistic view of the world. The ruthlessness and madness that make up his persona govern his objectives of sending the world into ruination. His plans almost-always result in immense suffering for people.

Zach is calculating and single-minded in his objectives, and considers many other things secondary in significance. Zack is generally very calm, possessing sagacity and an intelligent approach.  

Zach depicts a self-asserting knowledge of human nature, and maintains that he is a facilitator.  

His speech is odd and inconsistent, almost without intention, and with meaningless pauses.


Appearance & WardrobeEdit

Zack's look of paleness and thinness, as if he were ill, is typical of all subjects of the Saviours. His unkempt dirty blonde hair forms a widows peak. his green eyes. 

Zack wears a variety of clothes, though he always retains a black jumpsuit as a basic attire.

Additional InformationEdit

  • Zach is voiced by Kirk Thornton
  • Zade is illiterate and cannot read or write


  • Resident Evil: The Salvation Saga (Series) - Major Antagonist
  • Resident Evil: Survival Climax (REmake) - Playable character
  • Darkhard1's User Page - Selectable Article

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