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Winston Borough Industrial Estate
Country Located: England
Provisions: N/A
Leader(s): N/A
Survivor(s): Dr. Richard Carlisle
"You shouldn't have come here, you idiots, not after me especially!"
―Dr. Richard Carlisle, gloating at the SAS team sent to capture him

The Winston Borough Industrial Estate was a part of Winston Borough where the largest portion of industrial buildings and warehouses was found. It also contained a hidden Umbrella Corporation Complex.


The estate itself was set up in 1901 to act as a base for industry in Winston Borough, providing many jobs up until the 1980's, where it became largely abandoned due to closures and companies taking their work elsewhere. By 1990, the only major complex on the estate belonged to that of Umbrella Corporation. In 2009, when an outbreak of the T-Virus caused mayhem, some SILP members fled here, killing survivors who came as well. Dr. Richard Carlisle also took shelter here, after escaping from Colchester Cottage, where he tried to formulate an escape attempt. Shortly thereafter, a team of Special Air Service operators, comprised of Andy "Rockets" Rogers, John "Needles" Louis and Nicolas Antonik, came to capture or kill Carlisle. They managed to capture him and evacuate afterwards. The estate was destroyed when an ICBM wiped out Winston Borough on June 5th 2009.

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