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Winston Borough was a small town in the south-east of England that was, in 2009, attacked by terrorists from the SILP utilizing samples of the T-Virus that had been given to them by Dr. Richard Carlisle, a former member of Umbrella Corporation. The village was destroyed in the early hours of June 5th 2009.

Winston Borough
Country Located: England
Provisions: {{{provisions}}}
Leader(s): Marie Evans
Survivor(s): Charley Jameson, Sophia Watson, Reverend Andrew Robson, Richard Mitts, Anderson Mctavish, Dr. Richard Carlisle.


The village was founded in 1826 by Lord Winston Donners, a wealthy and aristocratic entrepeuner from london whom had purchased the land as a means of expanding his business in agricultural industry. In the 19th century, the village took a leap along with the rest of britain into the Industrial Revolution, large scale factories were built to keep up with demand for Iron, and the village soon grew into a town, and it continued to grow up until the 1920's, when the financial collapse caused the town's factories to close, leaving behind the largely abandoned Industrial estate on the town's outskirts. The town simply reverted back to it's former days as an agricultural village, regaining much of the wealth it had lost in the 20's by 1957. In the 1960's, the town held a two-day pop festival, and even became the site of a commune of Hippies in 1969. In 1974, the town became the hosting place for a small-scale Umbrella Corporation facility, creating legal pharmaceuticals such as Paracetamol and Anti-histamines.


The economic boom following the sixties greatly aided the town and it saw a steady income flow from Umbrella's activities, ignoring Umbrella's requests to perform more illicit activities. It wasn't until the economic troubles brought on in the 1980's under Margaret Thatcher's conservative goverment that the local county council turned to Umbrella, willingly ignoring Umbrella's freshly started experiments in Bio-Organic Weaponry. Umbrella began to prey on the local council's desperation, kidnapping villagers on the outskirts of the town in isolated areas, diverting the attention of even Parliament. Not only that, but the terrorist group, Scottish/Irish Liberation Party, began attacking the town, leading to the Winston Borough bombings of 1987, further forcing the town's governing body to Umbrella. In the 1990's, the town's economy was slowly stabilizing, gradually recovering with the help of the profit Umbrella generated. Shortly after the 1998 mansion incident in the United States,
SILP Members

SILP Members, Watching The Destruction From A Field In 1987's Bombing Attacks.

Umbrella sent many of it's mercenaries to safeguard installations across the world including that of the research facility in the borough. In 2001, 3 years after Umbrella had been exposed to the world following the Raccoon City, the borough's citizens became increasingly concerned of Umbrella's activities, eventually hiring international investigators to the town. What they found was Umbrella's top-secret Bio-Organic testing and, more alarmingly, vials containing the T-Virus. The british army then drove out Umbrella researchers and defending mercenaries, narrowly avoiding an outbreak after one of the mercenaries was infected by a broken vial after being ostensibly shot dead. The British Military would cover the event up, barricading the research facility with concrete over all main exits, wanting to avoid an outbreak in the United Kingdom. By 2009, Umbrella was long shutdown, though many of it's former researchers remained at large. One of them, Dr. Richard Carlisle, was lured back to britain from hiding in France with a poisoned chalice: Unspecific revenge on the british goverment and a chance to join Neo-Umbrella. With the help of a terrorist group, the Scottish/Irish Liberation Party, Carlisle managed to recreate strands of the T-virus after gaining access to the facility. The stage was set for the outbreak to begin.

The Winston Borough OutbreakEdit

On May 25th 2009, Carlisle received an anonymous, tip-off prior to a meeting that night, that the SILP did infact intend to betray him the moment he had created enough of the viral strains, after which they would be taken to Northern Ireland and Scotland to use in a terror campaign against the british goverment. Enraged, Carlisle set up a plot to kill off as many of the members as he could during a meeting at one of t
British Military At Winston

The British Military, Containing The Winston Outbreak On The Morning Of June 2nd.

he farmhouses outside of the borough that night. The plot worked, with the T-virus leeking into the farmhouse via ventiliation, leading to members collapsing and succumbing to the toxin. Although the virus dissipated shortly after being released into the farmhouse, Field mice that had hidden inside the house's basement were also infected, and although the doctor killed each and every member inside of the house, infected or not, the mice escaped into the town, all but repeating the Raccoon City incident. The resulting infection following slowly built up, and by June 1st, with the local county clinic being overrun with patients. The local police force, unable to contain the infection, fell back to the police station within the town, attempting to contact the British military via radio. On the 2nd of June, zombies swarmed out of buildings and the morgue of the town, running amok in the town, killing citizens of the town in their way, adding to their ranks. The police force allowed some citizens into the station, before barring the station off and fighting what zombies they could away from the gates with Extendable batons, Riot shields and Tasers. The local pub, The Blackened Mule, was turned into a safehouse. The occupants included Charley Jameson, his fiance Sophia Watson, Rev. Robson and Richard Mitts the owner of the pub. Richard would hold the infected off with a Lee Enfield rifle. Terrified civilians, attempting to flee the town, ran into surviving SILP member's who attacked them as they fled the town. One SILP member, Anderson Mctavish, ran into the local Fish and Chip shop and up to the top floor, where he assumed a sniper position and picked off both zombies and survivors whilst one of the officers in the constabulary, Police Constable Richards, was killed by a zombie. Carlisle himself had remained on the outskirts of town, taking cover in a cottage he had rented out in the weeks before under an alias. Meanwhile, the police station came under attack from a prolonged assault by zombies, breaking down the gates and roaming the grounds surrounding the station. Inside, however, panic ensued. Three officers attempted to reach the military by travelling via van, however, upon reaching the high-street, they were attacked by Mctavish who
Winston Borough Outbreak

Winston Borough On The Night Of The Outbreak, After Dillon Shot Down The Stolen Bell Helicopter.

sniped the van's driver causing the van to veer off the road and crash into the local M&S outlet. The one helicopter, a modified Bell 214ST,  that the police had, was stolen by two SILP members who attempted to escape the town. The helicopter however, was shot down by a deranged police officer, Curtis Dillon, causing the helicopter to explode in mid-air and crash into the roof of one of the warehouses abandoned on the industrial estate. Following the events of June 1st, the military began evacuating survivors under intense screening with a force made up of Territorial and regular infantry but due to the insistence of the Ministry of defense, the army was barred from sending in regular and territorial forces into the town. The SAS was scrambled and sent into the town quietly via Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules.The team sent in consisted of a squad of seasoned veterans, Andy "Rockets" Rogers, Frankie Davies, John "Needles" Louis and Nicolas Antonik. The team made it's first port of call in the local pub, where they aided Sophia, Robson and Mitts in escaping the town with an abandoned police Volvo, unable to help Jameson after he commited suicide in a fit of desperation by slitting his throat with a Meat-cleaver. The squad would later combat zombies in the highstreet, and fight Mctavish after he fired at and wounded Davies. During the firefight, Davies was hit again in the thigh and ribcage, causing his ribs to collapse, killing him. Mctavish was wounded and attempted to surrender, but was shot down by Rogers in a fit of rage, and was left for dead by the three Special Air Service operatives. The police station was finally
Reanimated Corpse

A Zombie, "Recovering" From It's "Death"

evacuated when the former head councillor for the county, Marie Evans, managed to exit the station and get to a parked ambulance and then drove it to the station's backdoor, where the remaining ten officers and survivors entered the van, escaping to the safety of the church where they enlisted the help of four surviving SILP members in the church and finally escaped the town aboard a commandeered Stagecoach Group bus. The squad of special forces, after having found some SILP members whom had survived and offered them information on Carlisle in exchange for a surrender and guaranteed safe passage out of the town, headed to the cottage Carlisle had rented. The cottage was abandoned, and as it turned out, Carlisle had taken shelter inside the long abandoned facility belonging to Umbrella. The SAS squad proceeded back through the town, defending themselves from SILP and zombies before finally making it to the industrial estate and the facility. There, they managed to wound and capture Carlisle, before heading to the now-overrun police station and finally being evacuated, after a heavy shootout between the last remaining SILP members and zombies, by a Westland Seaking. The town itself was finally destroyed by an ICBM in the early hours of June 5th, as approved by the British Goverment when it was revealed that any survivors still inside the town were either non-existent, or dead.

Locations Of InterestEdit

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