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"I bid farewell to my old life."

--Alex when he abandons his home.


The Wesker Estate (or so dubbed by the residents as Wesker house) was the home of the late Alexander Wesker II, his wife and his son as well as servants and home tutors. It may have been inherited to Alexander II given the fact that it was always referred to by the citizens of the town as "Wesker house". It was abandoned eventually long after the death of the senior Wesker and supposedly left to rot.

Alex felt no real interest in keeping it once he developed a deeper interest in pursuing a career with Umbrella, so he took his possessions and left to seek a new life elsewhere. To this day, the house still remains empty, a dead memory of the humanity that Alex left behind.

The only known history of the estate was that it was purchased by Alexander Wesker in Sageport and served as his home. It was the place where Alex Wesker spent his childhood and later abandoned. Some studies show that it may have been set on fire prior to Alex's disappearance. Whether Alex set the house on fire or if it had been looters remains unknown.


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