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The weapons in Resident Evil: Code Genesis come in a wide variety. Some are only unlockable and can be purchased on the main screen via a phone call to the BSAA. Others must be found across the different terrains, employing the same idea as from Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Remake and Zero.

1. Knife Edit

2. Handgun Edit

3. Shotgun Edit

4. Assault Rifle Edit

5. Sniper Rifle Edit

6. Machine Gun Edit

7. Submachine Gun Edit

8. Magnum Edit

9. Projectile Weapon Edit

10. Miscellaneous Edit

11. Melee Edit

Unlockables Edit

  • Volcanic Pistol .41 cal (Unlimited Ammunition)
  • Hand Cannon (Unlimited Ammunition)
  • Rocket Launcher (Unlimited Ammunition)
  • Mini-Railgun (Unlimited Ammunition-lengthly charging rate) (Chris Only)

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