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Walt Hemmingway Tower
Walt tower

Location:Redwood City
Notable events:T-Virus Outbreak of 1999
Current status:Destroyed; February 11th, 1999

The Walt Hemmingway Tower also called "The Hemmingway Hotwire" was built by millionaire Walt Hemmingway to supply jobs during the Great Depression. The Walt Hemmingway Tower was started in 1929 and continued for six long years as Walt Hemmingway constantly changed designs and added new designs. It finished in 1936 with 87 complete stories

During World War II, The Walt Hemmingway Tower's lobby held many dances for soldiers and let soldiers sleep in it's rooms for free. In 1947, shortly after the war, Hemmingway turned it into a large commerical building used for broadcasting news and other forms of media and the building was nicknamed "Hemmingway Hotwire" and remained such for the remainder of it's life.

In 1999, during the T-Virus Outbreak, the tower became completely infect before hand due to the bridge to Riverside being connected. It was far too late when the bridge was blown up and many barricades cut Market Street from Uptown preventing further infection. The building was also where The Pride landed to begin Operation: Underlight, it was destroyed on Feburary 11th, 1999 along with the rest of the city.


  • This building is based on numerous buildings in New York.
  • The design of the building is actually the same as numerous Chicago buildings.
  • The history is based both off Howard Hughes and the Rockefeller Center; As Howard Hughes suffered from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and would constantly change the building, and The Rockefeller Plaza as the history is almost the same.
  • When walking through the building, you see a lot of studio posters. Some of the posters read productions that were going on such as "POLICE: Redwood City Crime Fighter". and "Hotwired", though no information is given about them
  • When walking down the 30th story, one of the Chief Director's name on the door reads "Chuck Greene" a reference to Dead Rising 2, as well as a Production Manager's name being Carlito Keyes from Dead Rising.
  • When exiting the buildling, "Cross Hairs" says "Huh, I've never covered a war before", the exact opposite to Frank West's classical "I've covered wars, ya know" saying.

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