"So this is what Gene Tech was cooking up, more BOWs."

"Not exactly, these VIEWs don't spread infection but are designed to do one thing."

"What's that?"

"The same thing you're trained to do."

-Richard and Patrica talking about Gene Tech's VIEW project


As soon as Gene Tech began to develop bio weapons, they realized that their products had to be more reliable than their Umbrella predicessors. This was the birth of Project VIEW and would lead to several new successful products. Unlike BOWs, VIEWs are not designed to spread a Virus like Tyrant Beta but to be able to work effectively as soldiers. This comes from the fact of the Raccoon City Oubtreak and the outlash that was caused. To Gene Tech, these weapons would have to be much like a dog: intelligent (relatively speaking), loyal and powerful. It would have to be able to be trusted in combat but fierce and blood thirsty. This was typically achieved by Gene Tech training them to consume their opponents while being docile when they hear a certain trigger word.

While VIEWs were never officially adopted, Several models were sold to the United States government and its allies for training purposes to fight against the BOWs on the black market. This then caused VIEWs to be used as BOW killers due to their similarities to the latter but being able to follow commands and not attack civilians. They haven't been widely adopted as a weapon even in this capacity in favor of NT-14 which can pass as human but their numbers are growing.


Hunter III- The base VIEW, Hunter IIIs continue a long line of Hunter products and while they are weaker, they do attack in packs and are typically used to hunt down Lickers or zombies.

Hunter Omega (Hunter-Killer)- Designed to hunt down and destroy other bio weapons mainly Tyrants, Hunter Omegas are designed to be used against VIEWs that go out of control.

Licker II- Designed to be used in conjunction with Hunter IIIs as a ground support role, Licker IIs are similar to the Licker Beta with improved control. They are fast and attack much like tigers or lions, only being smaller. They still have thier tongue but only typically use it as a means to ensaring their targets.

Evolved Licker- A much larger and mutated Licker II, Evolved Lickers are about the size of a bear with similar strength. Thier purpose is unknown but thier strength and speed possibly indicate that they are designed to breach defended areas.

Neo Tyrants- The ultimate inception of the VIEW line, Neo Tyrants are powerful and brutal weapons designed to be unstoppable. With later models being almost human, they are a realization of the dream of commerical bio weapons.