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Violet Nash
Violet Nash
Date of birth:October 22,2011
Blood type:Unknown
Gender:Female (Caucasian)
Height:5ft 7inches
Race/Nationality:Human (Enhanced by T-Virus Alpha)
Occupation:Member of Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus

Violet Nash is an assassin for Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus and is the highest decorated assassins in her rank.


Violet was born in Detroit to Miles and Daisy Parker, who died at the hands of the people, infected with the T-Virus and after that, Violet was raised by Gregory Nash who found her when she was just a baby. by 4 years old, Violet was taught how to survive in the world and mastered martial arts from her guardian and then by 13, she was taught how to use melee and projectile weapons. By 17, Gregory died when he was infected with the T-Virus and so Violet had to kill him. Soon my 25, the world started to go back to normal and she was living in New Raccoon City.


By the year 2037, Violet joined the ranks of Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus, which showed them that she was a force to be reckoned and then she recieved her first 3 metals which were presented to her by Michael Franklin Miller.


Unlike other assassins, Violet is a very serious form of assassin, who takes her job seriously and gets them done by any means necessary. There are times when she is known to be relaxed and thats when she isn't working.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to her DNA, which is bonded to T-Virus Alpha, Violet is known to have enhanced speed, strength, healing, senses and the other powers of someone infected with T-Virus Alpha.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Along side her powers, Violet also carries weapons on her missions against her foes. The weapons she carries are usually small and she uses them to silence enemies quickly.

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