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Viktor Kazanova
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:N/A
Occupation:President of Russia
Appearances:Resident Evil:---
Voice:David Anthony Pizzuto

Viktor Kazanova was the President of Russia from 1996 to 2002. His terms were filled with multiple conspiracies being revealed and even secrets not known to the people. Sometime in 2002, he granted favor to the US Armed Forces to invade Russia's Isle of Vostok. Sometime after the events, he resigned from his post for unknown reasons. He was found dead in his house around 2005.


Viktor Kazanova was elected in 1996 as the second President of the Russian Federation, and throughout his terms he became amazingly popular when he began multiple new policies that tried to transform Russia into a newly westernized nation. Sometime in 2002, Vostok Island went silent and he granted favor to the US to investigate as he didn't want to cause a huge incident sending Russian soldiers.

After the events, it is seen during the credits of the game of Kazanova shamefully resigning as the incident had gone worldwide, though he never was accused of anything and his position wasn't in question. A few years later, he is found dead in his house likely caused by Umbrella for helping the US reveal what Umbrella had done.





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