Veronica "HQ" Young
Date of Birth N/A
Date of Death N/A
Gender Female
Height 5" 9'
Race/Ethnicity Human/Carcausian
Occupation Informational Contact
Marital status Marries Allen Shephard in 2008
Relative(s) Allen Shephard (Husband)
Status Alive

"Allen, It appears you crash landed on the island, Are there any survivors? Allen, Allen!"

-Veronica Young first voice over

Veronica Young is the information contact for Allen Shephard, much like Ingrid Hunnigan to Leon S. Kennedy, she only appears on a cutscene with a radio and the ending cutscene as she takes off her headset and asks herself "What would he do without me" with a giggle. Veronica appears yet again in End of Days, handing an assignment and paperwork to Allen while he takes care of Rose. In Resident Evil: Justified, she looks a little different, though her last name does not appear, her name appears as V. Shephard instead of V. Young in the subtitles.

Early HistoryEdit

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