The Creature's image, max 250px
Tyrant 302
Created Unknown
Created By Nemesis
Creation Uroboros infection of a compatable human Replica
Based Uroboros
Height/Length 6'11"
Purpose Experimental
Status Unknown


One of the first known creations of the group called Nemesis, the Uroboros Tyrant or UT as it's also refered to, is just that, a Tyrant infected with the new Uroboros Virus. Under normal conditions, UT looks very much like a normal NT-14, of which it shares a similar body design except it wears normal street clothes and has hair. Its prupose was as a testbed for the Uroboros Virus and what might occur for a compatable human that was infected.

The major way of telling a UT from a normal human is its red cat like eyes. To hide this, it typically wears dark sunglasses which some times draws attention to it, especially when it's dark out.

Combat CapabilitiesEdit

In combat, the UT is a powerful weapon, far faster and stronger than any other Tyrant in existance, capable of running along walls or jumping up to three stories. It's speed makes it a blur, making it hard to accurately target. The UT can punch through reinforced steel like nothing and easily crush cars with single blows. It also seems to be resistant to many forms of damage as P-Epislon and even fire. Should a part be destroyed, it will simply regenerate rapidly, making it extremely hard to kill.

This makes the Tyrant extremely hard to kill but it does seem to have some weakness to thermite or energy based weapons, should the latter be found. This typically causes a defensive reaction to take place and Uroboros worms begin to poke through the damaged skin. Over time, the Tyrant can repair the damage but should enough damage be taken, the Uroboros worms take over and it transforms into a massive Uroboros monster akin to those faced in Africa.


180px-Re5 uroborosmkono

Uroboros Tyrant second form

After suffering from severe enough trauma, the Uroboros Tyrant will form a Uroboros monster akin to Mkono except that it is larger. It typically absorbs nearby bodies (which are in high supply whenever the Tyrant is around) to ensure that it has enough energy to attack. Unlike the original Mkono, this Tyrant is capable of moving at relatively high speed (it is much slower than the orignal form) and is capable of jumping from area to area.

To attack, UT is capable of using its extremely long arms to grab onto long range targets and bring them closer. It can either strangle them or absorb them for food. Also, unlike other Uroboros monsters, the limbs lack weak spots but hitting with high heat fire, it may expose its central core which can eventually kill the monster.

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