The Creature's image, max 250px
Uroboros Mkia
Created  ???
Created By Mr. B
Creation T-002 Type injected with Uroboros
Based Human
Height/Length 9 feet
Purpose Experimental
Status Disposed

  • Uroboros Mkia is (c) Hopeless Romantic Productions... Only edit this page if it is to be used in other fanon, provide a link so I can see it


When a Human is infected with T, and they are one in ten million, they turn into a Tyrant. IF the person turns into your basic, T-002 Tyrant, after injecting them with Uroboros, this is the potential creature. The two viruses will battle for control inside the host, and since Uroboros is more potent, it should win, but it's possible that it won't. Afterwards, the tentacles of Uroboros will come out and wrap around the body, the claws on the left hand growing much thicker, and a "tail" mass forming. Very dangerous, exact stats are being worked out for this creature. It is weak to fire.

In other FanonEdit



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