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Uptown District

Location:Redwood City, Colorado
Notable events:t-Viral Outbreak of 1999
Current status:Destroyed; February 11th, 1999

The Uptown District was one of the boroughs with Redwood City. It was considered the heart of the city, with Market Street to the North and Hope Crossing to the south, it was also accessed from Riverside via the Crow Gate Bridge. Uptown was not only home to hotels and apartments, it was also considered the city's red-light district as it also held numerous dance clubs and strip clubs.

Uptown was considered the smallest geographically, but was the 3rd most populated district in Redwood. Some of the points of interest in Uptown included: David Hanson's manor, which sat on top of a large hill; and Northwick Police Station, the second police station next to Redwood City Police Station; and Hagan Station.

During the T-Virus Outbreak of 1999, Uptown was protected by the barricaded Crow Gate Bridge until the barricade was breached allowing the zombies to enter it's streets, due to the lack of law enforcement in the area zombies quickly overwhelmed the populace, leading to mass panic.


Uptown, 1999

After the failed Operation: London Bridge, Uptown became the only way to enter both Market Street and Hope Crossing as the other bridges were blown up. Due to the power plant suffering problems during the T-Virus Outbreak, Uptown was subjected to rolling blackouts and lose of power almost constantly.

The morning of February 11th, 1999, Uptown was struck by a large nuclear weapon which caused the complete annihilation of Redwood City.


Unsure for now.

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