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Date of
Created via:Exposed to infected soil of dead hosts
Based:Giant Isopod
Height:Over 6 feet
Purpose:Possibly Accidental
  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis continuity.

"Don't you curl up on me, you son of a bitch!"

-Jonas, when fighting the Undertaker

The Undertaker is a very large, yet only minor enemy faced in a few in Code Genesis. It is a mutation of a species of giant isopods known to be abundant in colder, deeper waters, though it is unknown as to why they have arrived into the Pacific waters of the South Seas. There is a possible idea that the scientists of Isle Alexandria expressed interest in the thick shell of the creature to be used as bio-weapons and merely tested on them. Its size may be momentarily surprising to the player, but despite that, they do not move very fast.

Their bodies are dorso-ventrally compressed, protected by a rigid, calcareous exoskeleton composed of overlapping segments. Like their terrestrial cousin the woodlouse, they also possess the ability to curl up into a "ball", where only the tough shell is exposed. This provides significant protection from melee attacks and/or gunfire. The first shell segment is fused to the head; the most posterior segments are often fused as well, forming a "caudal shield" over the shortened abdomen.

Their infection has made them significantly larger compared to their already large size. They have the ability to burrow underground and yank their prey beneath the earth in one clean swipe, tearing them to pieces with their mandibles. The tell-tale sign of their presence is a mild scratching sound beneath the feet of the player. When the sound stops, the player must move aside to avoid being grabbed or will be yanked down.

The easiest way to take down the Undertaker is to use much more heavier fire; grenades will stun them momentarily to prevent them from curling into a ball and avoid being hit from gunfire. Though a single shot from a rocket launcher will successfully kill them.

Remember this: "A bazooka in the hands of a woman PMS'ing can cause mass mayhem in a zombie apocalypse." --Queen-of-the-Living-Dead 12:51, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

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