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Umbrella Corporation Logo

Umbrella Corporation Logo

The Umbrella Corporation was on of the largest corporations in the world and was run by CEO Albert Wesker, however this company and it's assets were frozen after the destruction of Raccoon City and the T-Virus outbreak that nearly wiped out the human race. By 2009, a large military group called Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus was formed and started to battle Umbrella's forces, as well as the undead whenever they would reveal themselves. Michael Franklin Miller also joined Division Delta that same year and so they had a larger edge, an edge that Wesker was underestimating and so they engaged Umbrella forces that infested the White House which was destroyed by Wesker after he engaged Alice and Miller. They escaped and soon they discovered the Wesker and Umbrella were in the Caribbean which led to a large sea and air battle between Division Delta and Umbrella's main naval fleets. After Wesker's demise by Miller's hand, Umbrella's assets were seized and used to rebuild the world they once lived in, with Division Delta as the main international security defense force against anyone who believed in Wesker's dream or hordes of the undead.

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