Umbrella Corporate Headquarters

Location:Raccoon City, Colorado, USA
Disestablishment:October 1st, 1998
Notable events:Raccoon City Viral Outbreak
Current status:Destroyed; October 1st, 1998

"Umbrella Corporate Offices - Circa 1977"

-Sign in the front of the building.

Umbrella Corporate Headquarters is the corporate office branch that handles much of the shipping, distributions, and various other activities across the Midwest America. It's office manager, Henry Thompson, is currently under intense suspicion of manipulating the mayor and various other city officials.

Home to the Umbrella Corporation, it is roughly a 100 story building, and is considered the "Heart of Raccoon City". It's located on Paraguas Street, and across from a large subway station.


As explained by Henry Thompson before being infected, the office was built in 1977 when Umbrella officially took power in the city. Shortly afterwards, the company itself managed to prevent an economic disaster by forcing the city to rely on Umbrella for stability, though no information is given on how this was accomplished. Since then, Umbrella has been in control of the city until 1998. It is possible that Umbrella has not only been paying officials, but have also manipulated various elections in the city.


  • During the outbreak, the building is shown without damage, but when entering it, the building is shown with numerous windows blown out, and top floors possibly on fire. This was noted as an artist mistake
  • On the side of the building, the name UMBRELLA CO. is seen, although it is not Umbrella Co. this may be because until 1980s, Umbrella was known as the Umbrella Chemical Company.
  • Paraguas is spanish for Umbrella, another sign of Umbrella's control of Raccoon City.

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