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Umbrella Anti-Freedom League
The Flag
Founding Date:2006
Founders:Hugh Willington
Notable Members:Evelyn Churchill
Michael Brosnan
Guy Cambridge
Natalie Cambridge
Robert Cornwallis
Locations:London, England
Wales, United Kingdom

The Umbrella Anti-Freedom League is an organization and a faction of what remains of the Umbrella Corporation. They were first started by Oswell E. Spencer in 2006 so that he could secretly take over the United Kingdom when the T-Virus was being released into multiple countries around the world. Spencer planned that this group would secure the United Kingdom and that Spencer would proclaim himself a god over the world within that one country. This plan was a failed attempt when Albert Wesker killed him in his mansion in 2006. After the British government was crippled, the group took over and made the United Kingdom a fascist country secretly, Disguising it as the former parliment.


In 2037, Michael Franklin Miller and Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus arrived in England in order to inspect the country for any form of Bioterrorism activity. This was because the Division Delta:Italian Division reported that more and more Zombies were being killed and since Germany and other countries were in ruins, the people were scattered throughout their homelands, which left only one place left and that was the United Kingdom. Hugh Willington was the leader of the group and oversaw the inspection done by Division Delta, then he reported that a band of bioterrorists were in the west they called "The Rebels". Miller investigated this and discovered that these Rebels were none other than freedom fighters who explained to Division Delta their enemy. Division Delta and the Rebels stormed England and engaged the enemy forces that took the UK so many years ago. Miller engaged Willington and defeated him in his office while at the Palace in England. Willington was arrested, along with his followers, however it was revealed later on that there were more chapters of this group and Miller knew he had to find them.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

The weapons of choice are weapons that suit the British well and from different eras.

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