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U-14 is an octopus infected with the Insanity Parasite.It grew to the size of 10 football fields.Unlike human hosts,animal hosts display brown colouration,glowing red eyes and an unusual and sudden growth.It still retains the urge to feed on human blood and the Parasite is located on the top of it's head, which is protected by a solid wall of mini-tentacles.

Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield encounter this while traveling to Berlin for their mission.This giant instantly attacks their ship while traveling.It only reveals itself to them when severely weakened and most of the time attacks with it's enormous tentacles.It's weakpoint is extremely difficult to expose because it's mini-tentacles are as hard as steel and hard to penetrate.

The beast itself is very resilient to everything the team threw at it.Bullets and rockets from the ship did very little or no damage at all.Other than the Parasite itself, the eyes of the creature were exposed and easily seen from the surface.After exploiting this weakpoint, the creature rises to the surface to encounter Leon and Chris head on.It attacks by bashing itself on the boat and trying to slice through the boat the two are riding on.

Eventually, the two defeat it by shooting a harpoon gun at the exposed Parasite.

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