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"Oh my God! What in the hell is that thing?!"

-Chris when the U-10 appears.

The U-10 is a horrific, enormous mutation that was created by Alex and his researchers of Isle Alexandria, but the type and implementation are unknown. It makes its appearance during the main scenario in the hospital chapter. It appears to resemble an abomination of human and sea type and this would make more sense given the surrounding area of the experimental facility. When it roars, its head splits in several different directions like a horrible flower.

It could possibly be one of the largest and strongest monsters in the Resident Evil series (apart from several obvious ones). It's hide seems to be extremely resistant to most gunfire, and it possesses enough strength to penetrate a light tank's armor with a single hit from its large, twisted claws. It also possesses smaller claws on its chest and they serve to be little help when its larger arms are rendered nearly useless.

The U-10 is most likely not related to the similarly named monster, the U-3 or the U-8 featured in Resident Evil: 4 and Resident Evil: 5 respectively, which was fought by Leon S. Kennedy in 2004 and Chris and Sheva Alomar in 2007, if for no other reason than because the U-8 was invented by Tricell and the U-3 was created by Los Illuminados' horrific gene splicing experiments.

The creature also shows signs of mild intelligence as it responds to a high-pitched "whistle" from an outside source before attacking. It is unknown whether or not this creature was made before Dahlia's transformation to the Incubator. It could have been because Alex wanted to use her to put Rose to the test. He may have planned this creature before as a sort of "tank".

The U-10 is so large that it remains a stationary boss when it rips its way through the walls of the hospital. It's tentacles that appear from the sides of the wall can become a nuisance if not taken care of first as they can smash, (in rare cases) poison or crush you. Due to its invasive nature, the battlefield is limited to the main lobby floor and the second floor hospital balcony because of the massive tentacles preventing escape.

Once it takes significant amount of damage, it will collapse and reveal a large swollen, fluid-filled sac on its back. This appears to be its weak spot and also a place where a wound had attempted to heal. When killed, the creature gives out a loud screech before recoiling from the hospital walls and retreating into the bay, never to be seen again during the main scenario.

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