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Tyrant Type-A-01 (Stratus)
Created 1998
Created By Dr. Jess Tracker
Creation standard tyrant infused with prototype F.G.R
Based Human
Height/Length 9ft 6inches
Purpose to protect Dr. Trackers Research into F.G.R and Dr.Tracker herself
Status Dead (genetic material somehow procured by Dr. Cero)

Creature BiosEdit

After the raid on Ascension Pharmacuticals in Berlin by HUNK , Dr.Jess Tracker used an incomplete sample of F.G.R on a tyrant to test its effects, the tyrant apparently was compatable enough to benefit the mutations, at the cost of muscle mass, speed was increased, the arms became longer and thinner and with thin retractable membrane in order to glide, its main priority was to protect Tracker and her data, as she used a chip to programme it, also interestingly, it is the only tyrant that is obviously female and files indicate it was a woman when it was created.

During the Nukes that ripped apart Raccoon city it had mutated and now pursued Raz unaturally fast, it was outrunning the blast and gliding to attck Raz as he flew out with Annie on his back, nearly causing Annie to fall, Regus put an end to it by rushing to grab a steel pole and impaling it through the eye causing it to fall back enough to be obliterated by the blast

Creatures ablilitiesEdit

The Tyrant was faster than usal tyrants and more regenrative , however something in the female tissue made it lack the enlarged heart, before and after mutation, it had a thin membrane on its arms attached to its body which allows short spaces of gliding.

After the sustaning some extreme damage, the Tyrant cascade mutates, the membrane webs the fingers, muscles in the legs are increased meaning faster and more powerful glides and slashes