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Location:Rocky Mountain Region
Notable events:Unknown string of murders
Current status:Abandoned

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"Something's here, Chris..."

--Jill, on her arrival in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a fictional small, abandoned ghost town in the United States, supposedly along the Rocky Mountain Region. It is very much like the town of Harvardville, once thought to have a population of about 200+ and known to be the center for some forms of agriculture. Because of it being abandoned in the early 1980's, the town has been frozen forever in the past.

Due to an unsolved increase in brutal murders and cases of animal slaughter, the people of the town had decided once and for all to leave for fear of the land being haunted or cursed. Anyone who ever traveled through the abandoned town was reported missing or disappeared from unheard causes and it was believed that anyone who passed through were never heard of again. This was eventually proven to be true later on by Jill Valentine. It is currently the home of Karl Taylor, before he is later killed.

Hospital Edit

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The Hospital

The town's hospital is Karl's primary location and his home since the people had abandoned it.

It is unknown what kind of hospital it was exactly given the rather destitute conditions it has been left in. It is filled with trash, gruesome scenes of what remains of Karl's tortured victims and also the bones of them as well.

Despite the lack of structure and hygiene, the hospital is capable of using electricity through a means of an old generator that surprisingly still runs because of Karl's efforts. It is here that Karl and his dogs do battle with Jill Valentine in hopes to kill and even her.

Appearance Edit

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