Toshi Shiegeru is a Sumo wrestler who is on umbrella's payroll during Resident Evil doomsday. Born on August 4th 1960 he was once a promising sumo wrestler until joining Umbrella in 2003.However his coworkers at Umbrella describe him as a cold petty idnividual who takes every loss personally vowing to destory the person responsible.He is one of Betty Bosworth's Henchman and is tasked with Helping Milorad Lugevoi develop bioweapons to use against The people of Carcer City.He nearly injected Sheva Alomar with a needle full of bubonic plague but Roberta Mosholu threw the needle in the garbage.Next he can be seen with Milorad's Tyrant the Bubble Gum monster.However he is killed by Milorad due to him outliving his usefulness.

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