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Vital statistics
Creator Dr. Smith Pearson
Created By Dr. Smith Pearson
Base Effori Island
Powers & Abilities Tail Whip, Claws
Weaknesses Weak Hide Bones
Height/Length 7.5ft
Purpose Servants of Dr. Smith Pearson
Status Active

Togake (トカゲ) were bipedal lizards created by genetic manipulation with DNA strands of varying origin. The main creator of said creature was a Dr. Smith Pearson, who turned himself into a Togake during his experiments.


The Togake were originally made in the captivity of an Umbrella Corporation controlled testing laboratory in 1993, with the consent of senior doctors within the coporation. However, during the project last stages, a scientist was grievously injured while attempting to collect blood samples from the alpha-male of the pack, causing the UBCS on guard to open fire on the pack. The only surviving member of the pack died within 2 to 3 weeks later. Dr. Smith Pearson, the main man behind the creation of these creatures, ultimately took samples to Effori Island in 2001, in the hopes of allowing them a rebirth in the safety of an abandoned warehouse on the island. By 2013, he had managed to breed an entire group of them, at least 97, in the safety of the warehouse and it's surrounding complex. However, Pearson felt that in order to come closer to the group he should become one of them. He genetically altered himself into a Togake, subtly joining their ranks whilst conitnuing his research. In 2030, when the outbreak of the Adder Virus occured, Pearson took that as a chance to take control of the Island or at, the least, carve out their own place on the Island. With a full population of Togake, 495, he decided to take the time to watch how the situation carried itself. By February, the recently started operation between the BSAA and SBCS organizations, "Operation Condor", had fallen behind schedule and had lost more liv
US Grunt Snap

A Togake shaman killing a US National Guard soldier

es than it had "Officially" saved. Eventually, by the time the SBCS and BSAA were retreating, he mobilized his Togake, and moved them across the Island to take out the last safe place on the island for the BSAA and SBCS, the US consulate defended by the US National Guard, and sieged it. The consulate fell within an hour, as the last members of the consulate escaped by helicopter.


The Togake ran a tribal system, most probably a warlike system, due to them being seen utilizing swords and bows and arrows. Their heirachy consisted of gatherers, breeders, warriors, shamans and then the tribal chief, Dr. Smith Pearson. Although they relied on food and equipment from civilization, they were highly xenopohic and terrified of anything remotely technological, which may explain why many Togake stood in awe as the UH-1 Helicopter evacuated the residents of the consulate. Their armour was handmade, either using bones of dead animals, or tanned leather, meaning that some in their heirachy must have acted as armourers to provide them with said items.

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