Gory storm 004

g type titan

Gory storm 005

t-type titan

The Titan is a project created by the Renacimiento Research Company.
No Image
Created Unknown
Created By Renacimiento
Creation Experimental
Based Viral administration in El Gigante Plaga specimens
Height/Length 15m+
Purpose To create an anti-structure B.O.W
Status Unactive/Failure

Specimens Edit

Titan G-type Edit

Created from G-virus administration in a El Gigante Plaga specimen, the mutation turned the host into a giant version of the G-creature capable of absorbing other lifeforms and gave it the ability of mass reproduction. G-type is considered a failure because of the plaga's vital parts, which are exposed when attacking.

Leviathan T-type Edit

Created from T-virus administration in a El Gigante Plaga specimen, the mutation enlarged the host's body in a few meters and slightly increased it's aggressivity, it was accepted as a failure and the project was closed.

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