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Mendoza Turtle


Mendoza Turtle


The Turtle Building


Europe, Turtle Island

Historical information
Other information
""Strive for completion"! - Mendoza Turtle speaking to his peers.



The Turtle Organization founded by Chairman Mendoza Turtle in 2002, is a lone B.O.W research Organization, solely "Hell-Bent" on massing and storing a large quantity of Bio Weapons in Cryo Statis in fear of Nuclear War. Mendoza Turtle, a multi-billionare man, brought the Island in 2002 all to prepair for a presumed Nuclear-war. Using hia long-established riches he began recruiting soldior's and scientist's alike as well as numerous "war machines".


Just off the coast of Britian lies Turtle Island a personnely owned Island, housing the Turtle Organization's main-base of oparation's, Turtle Tower. The Island holds massive quantity's of war-like vehicle's, missles and weaponry. Galleons of Troops also occupy the Island, guarding and waiting.

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