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The President's club despite sounding like a country is powerful organization founded in 2007 by the enigmatic Benjamin. It seems to have many market intrest. Real Estate, Toys, Pharmicuticals, The manufacturing and sale of weapons, banking. It also seems to have quite a bit of control over the media and Politics.Cause of size of the organization they've employed there own private Army. This Private army also offers training for Armies, Mercaneries, and groups that are unable to train. But under the surface of the seemingly legit Organization lies A very large connection to the criminal Underworld.


Very little is known about the details of it's founding only that once Benjamin appeared he took the Bussiness world by storm and bought some the highest grossing companies around the world. At the same he began Muscling or Buying out Most if not all the Criminal Rackets in the united states and Europe.


The Leader of the President's Club goes by The Codename Benjamin and is it's founder. Nothing is none about him. Not his Race, Sex, Height, Wieght or even the sound of his voice the only thing none about him is that he's a shrewd bussinessman and that he was Billionare prior to the Founding of The Presidents Club. How He made that Billion is Mystery though?

Under Him there are the heads of the branches of The Pres club each have a code name usually after a president on the U.S. Currancy

  • Jackson- He heads the production and Sale of weapons and munitions. As Well also heads there sale on the black market as well to Terrorist groups and Militias

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