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The McCarthy Crime
General information

Connor McCarthy


Connor McCarthy(1945 till 1968) Richard Lynch (1968 till 1988), Donald O'Carrol(1988 till 1989), Douglas McCarthy(1989 till 1994)

Notable members

Connor McCarthy(Founder, Leader, Desceased)Richard Lynch(Leader, Retired), Donald O'Carrol(Leader, desceased), Douglas McCarthy(Last True Leader, Incarcerated) Owen O'Shaunghnessy (Underboss, De Facto Leader , Incarcerated)


Raccoon City


Raccoon City, Miami, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, Green Bay, Chicago, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia.

Historical information







Never restored




Never restored

Other information

Umbrella Corporation(1975 to 1995, Raccoon City Police Department(1968 till 1993) Deputy Mayor(1987 till 1993)

The McCarthy Crime Family or The Irish Mob is the criminal organization that Owen O'Shaunghnessy the Father of Aiden O'Shaunghnessy, worked for and the organization that Aiden himself would work for.

Early HistoryEdit

Connor McCarthy formed McCarthy Gang on June 6th 1945 in Cleaveland for the puropose of Combat the steadily growing Italian Mafia. After 9 years The McCarthy gang became A full Fledged Family. It started to expand to cities like Miami, Green Bay and Denver. Later in life though Connor McCarthy grew more violent and paraniod and started making stikes on rival families that sparked a Mob War. In 1968 Richard Lynch, McCarthy's Underboss and had Connor McCarthy assassinated and became the leader of The McCarth Mob.

Lynch's RuleEdit

Golden AgeEdit

After Lynch seized power in 1968 he moved the Headquarters of The Family to Raccoon City. Under Lynch's leadership the McCarthy Mob quickly eclipsed th power and influence of every Crime family. It's reach stretched all over the world. During this time it's The McCarthy Mob was the most powerful Organized Crime Family in the world. It's Businesses included Racketeering, Counterfitting, Drug Trafficking, Casino's, Assassination, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Extortion, and Prostitution.

In 1975 Lynch formed a secret partnership with Ozwell E. Spencer. This introduced the McCarthy Family to the business of Human Trafficking. It soon became there Highest Grossing Business as Umbrella wanted to have a ready supply of human test subject but didnt want the kidnapping to ever be traced back to them. Umbrella corporation wasnt as poweful in the 70's and would'nt be able to survive that kinda publicity then. Spencer figured that since The McCarthy Mob was the most feared Crime Family in the world at that time anyone who did escaped captivity or any figured out what they where doing they would be to afraid to speak up or be Rubbed Out by The McCarthy Family. This marked The Golden Age for The McCarthy Family and would last till 1989.

Attempted assassinationEdit

In December 1988. Members of the Scotish mafia stormed resturant owned by Richard Lynch and attempted to assassinate him. This Attempt why cause one of the betrayel of a high ranking member. Thanks to the intervention of bodyguard, Owyn O'Shaunghnessy the assassination failed at the cost of Owyns Life. But this attempt on his life shook him and on christmas of 88 he announced his retirement. He gave control of the organization to his underboss David O'Carrol.

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