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The Hunter Tyrant
The Hunter Tyrant
Created March 1st, 1994
Created By Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Creation Surgery, T-virus infection
Based Reptile
Height/Length 5'7
Purpose Elimination
Status Active

Fighting informationEdit

The Hunter Tyrant is a Hunter mixed with a Tyrant gene and DNA. The Hunter Tyrant was created to eliminate certain targets that were a threat to Umbrella. If the Hunter Tyrant takes damage, it will crouch and lean forward so that all shots hit its shell instead of the Hunter Tyrant. The shell is very thick and protective, nothing can penetrate its shell. While it's immune to damage in this position, it will move very slow and cannot attack. The Hunter Tyrant is very fast, it can even dodge bullets and move at the attacker at the same time. The Hunter Tyrant has some devastating attacks. Its most basic attack is the claw, it will try to run up to the victim and slice at them. Another is where the Hunter Tyrant will jump and then slice at your throat. This will instantly kill. The next one is where it will pounce on you and will try to bite you. Finally, it will spit acid in your face. The Hunter Tyrant can take alot of damage due to its thick and protective shell, shotgun shells do minimal damage but still knock over the Hunter Tyrant. Magnums do only minimal damage aswell. The Hunter Tyrant can be killed faster by using armor piercing rounds to break its shell. Alternatively, it can be killed by shooting the Hunter Tyrant in its mouth.

Affects on HuntersEdit

The Hunter Tyrant can command a small group of Hunters. The Hunter Tyrant uses the Hunters for multiple reasons: For back up, to help search for intruders, to flank the enemy, and to call out Hunters to guard a certain area. The only time the Hunter Tyrant will ever call out Hunters is when it needs them most.

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