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The Grim Reaper Tyrant
The Grim Reaper Tyrant
Created July 2nd, 2003
Created By Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Creation T-virus infection, surgery
Based Human
Height/Length 10'7
Purpose Super Soldier
Status Active


The Grim Reaper was a deadly Tyrant that was created by the T-virus mixing together with a dead human. The result was a powerful killing machine that was a major sucess as it was capable of following orders and had a strong resistance to firearms. This Tyrant was given a dark cloak which always has its hood on its head. The cloak masked its appearence and can blend in with the dark.


Like stated above, The Grim Reaper Tyrant was created by the T-virus mixing with a dead persons body and the result was sucessful. The dead body had to be put in a cyrogenic sleep to bond with the virus. There was no flaw in this Tyrant in its 1st form as it could resist explosive damage and had no visable mutations. However, in its 2nd form it would go insane and kill everything in sight and have grotesque mutations. The 2nd form has its arm transformed into a blade and it gained more strength and durability. It looked much buffer as a result of increased strength and it was much faster than before. Due to the T-virus being injected into a dead human body, its body is reconstructed to function again making the host alive. However, due to the T-virus helping out the body function, the T-virus improves some things. What It improves are the frontal lobes, which are associated with executive functions such as self-control, planning, reasoning, and abstract thought. The Grim Reaper has alot of energy due to the T-virus and thus, results in speed increase. Its intelligance increases as it spends more time in cyrogenic sleep to bond with the virus. The cyrogenic chamber in which the Tyrant is in has a brain substance that boosts the brain cells gaining more intelligence. The Grim Reaper has no expsed heart because it is healthy enough and has no force protuding the heart from the chest. It has no weakness in its 1st form but has one in its 2nd. In its 2nd form, it is more vulnerable to the cold and will die if too cold. As the T-virus will be greatly damaged by the cold when in a dead human body inside a blood cell. This Tyrant can also mutate back to normal (1st form).




Alternate Costume.


  • Primary Costume/Appearance. Cloak undamaged.
  • Cloak damaged.
  • Cloak destroyed.
  • Secondary Costume/Appearance. Robes cannot be damaged.

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