City Hotel

The Grand Parisian Hotel In 2003 During The Outbreak

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―Graffiti On The Way To The Hotel During The 2003 Outbreak

The Grand Parisian Hotel was a large hotel-and-restaurant building in Lakeview City. During the 2003 T-Virus outbreak the hotel had three survivors hidden inside it, Suzy Jenkins, Lizzie Anne and an unamed police officer, the last of which was killed off by an unknown Umbrella Corporation scientist.


The hotel itself was built as a modern structure similar in design to most modern coffee lounges, with the lobby featuring faux wood, a large fountain in the center and copies of works by Pablo Picasso and Leonardo DaVinci. The lobby led to the large and spacious restaurant which offered a number of European-based foods, mainly those originating from France, with even the chefs originating from the country. The hotel rooms, a good 90 odd, themselves were spacious, based on modern styles and offered a 22-hour room service with a large specialized staff willing to cater to every visitor's whim. During the outbreak, the hotel served as a Lakeview City Police Department shelter, though it was quickly overrun by Zombies and many inside were either killed or forced into fleeing, though one officer had to remain behind. On the 7th of January Suzy Jenkins and her friend Lizzie Anne had to take refuge when their flat was completely overrun and their means of transport to elsewhere in the city cut-off. One other person who managed to reach the hotel was an Umbrella scientist who became obsessed with hunting down other survivors as a result of his loss of sanity during the outbreak. He killed the police officer and continued to chase Lizzie and Suzy throughout the hotel, leaving macabre warnings and drawings of siamese stick figures in blood throughout the hotel. On the 9th of January, around midnight, the two escaped when they managed to get through a weak amount of Zombies and escape via a hotwired car, running down and killing the scientist in the process of their escape.

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