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The Creature's image, max 250px
The Fallen failures
Created Early 2000s
Created By Dr.James Cero
Creation Infusion of F.G.R inside the human body
Based Human and the unknown DNA factors in the F.G.R
Height/Length Varies between each creature
Purpose None, their bloodthirsty nature overides any remaining sanity.
Status Extinct

Cause of Extinction: Raz's own unstable F.G.R infusion made him able to take on the main horde, Annie took care of a few stragglers


Dr. James Cero worked for months in a A.P (Acension Pharmacuticals) in Germany, where he was moved after partially being responsible for an outbreak in the North America Facility, leaving behind the partial failures in the ravaged facility. While exploring the Facility to find a cure for the unstable F.G.R in his system Raz and his girlfriend Annie encountered the Ravanous and angry Fallen, They were a sign of what was to become of Raz did he not find the cure, Their underdeveloped wings more Claw-like than anything, Raz and Annie either killed or avoided them in order to reach the F synth machine.

Creature apperance Edit

Being failures, the bodies of these B.O.Ws are randomly ununified, most look like humans with tumors and at least one wing, some of the more developed ones have two wings, considering however that the wings are bladed and undergrown, they are more like extra claws than wings, the unstable Fallen Gene Recombinator in their systems gives them an un-natural amount of speed and resiliance, however they are not very strong, as Annie is able to hold them off at least two at a time, and Raz himself while under the FGR could kill one with a blow to the head.

Creature abilities:

- Claw-like wings, extremly sharp and efficient for killing

- F.G.R induced Speed and regeneration ability

- The more developed Fallen had the ability to hover and glide due to having two wings.

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