The Creature's image, max 250px
The Enslaved (codename E.H-04)
Created Early 1995
Created By Dr.James Cero
Creation Hunter infused with G.R and possibly T.A.R
Based Hunter
Height/Length Only shown armoured and kept in a sealed stasis tank
Purpose possibly the destruction of Raz however given Dr.Ceros notes only as a last resort
Status Alive in Stasis


Not much is known about the creature apart from it is a genetic anomaly, apparently the creature has a genetic structure compatable with G.R (and possibly F.G.R and T.A.R).however it is not known what it looks like, how it is different, or how powerful it is. however the fact that Cero has kept it in stasis since he experimented on it and sealed in armour, it may be more powerful than Raz or Cero, as the notes indicate that Dr.Cero would only ever release it either when he couldnt stop Raz or on his death.

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