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"The Dark Legacy Project" is an archive that can be found in the game Resident Evil: Disclousers, the archive can be found placed on a table while Leon enters to a room after defeating The Spider-Girl, in this document is discriveded that a man called "Max Wesker" and his team are working in a new laboratory located on Los Angeles.

In this document is included the localization of the laboratorie, such as the experiments that the team is doing

The next creatures are the ones that are mencionated in the document:

  1. Verdugos whit T- Virus
  2. Regenerators whit T and G- Virus (This ones will later transform in Iron-Maidens)
  3. Cerbeus (Not doberman dogs other kind of dogs) whit T- Virus
  4. Gigant Worms (Uroboros)
  5. Tyrants
  6. A new Nemesis (T- Type 2, Three times stronger than the first One)
  7. Zombies (Whit T and G- Virus)
  8. Umbrella Soldiers altered whit T and G- Virus

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