Jacob and Claire
"O noes, zombeezz!"

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This monster was a horrible monstositiy that rampaged thought the city and stalked Rita and Ada in order to kill them Everytime it seemed to be dfeated it got even  more powerfull.

The Bigger Monster used to be an evil sintist who injected himself with the evil X virus and mutated into the bigger monster. It chased Rita across the city and than Ada Wong as well. It followed them into the umbrella labs and even when hit with the "Teh Most Powerfulist Weepon" it still mutated to become even more powerfull.

It followered and them up into the main labs and rampaged around there. It fort Rita and Ada on the train platform as the self destraced system was goin off. I followed them on the train and fort them their. It was in it las powerful form then and the cold not defat it until they threw it into a bottom less pit.


The Bigger monster had three forms each more powerfull and horrible then the last. It might have even had more but it was unkilable in its last from so it had to be put in a bottomless pit so onbody no.

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