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Created December 31st, 1999
Created By Dr. Yegor Kurtzov
Creation Earliest form of Uroboros
Based The Basis of El Gigante
Height/Length 7" 9'
Purpose The protect T.A.L.O.S.
Status Unknown

The Argonaut was created in the T.A.L.O.S. in the Russian Umbrella Corporation, The earliest form of Uroboros was discovered at the Russian Facility deep beneath the ice. Former-KGB Agent and Pure-Blooded Communist Yegor Khruschov volunteered to be the first test subject of the experimentation. His body grew, transforming his skin, making it tougher and stronger. The Uroboros took over his mind and the scientists were forced to Cyro-freeze him deep in the facility. Albert Wesker, in 1998 requested that he be brought to the Raccoon City Facility in Mid-August. The Argonaut didn't arrive until September 2nd. He was never officially released until the destruction of Raccoon City on Septemebr 28th, 1998 when the nuclear weapons damaged the computers causing them to release him. He escaped into the Arklay Mountains and has been declared Destroyed by the Umbrella Corporation. This status was later changed to Unknown after the Harvardville Infection. Where he was spotted in the facility there. The Monster is intelligent as a Yegor once was, but is also uncontrollable and mentally unstable unable to speak anything besides grunts and groans.

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