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Tesla Pistol
Tesla Pistol
Ammunition Type: Electrical Battery
Feed System: 30 Round Battery
Type: Stun-Kill Weapon
custom(?): Yes

"You've haven't even seen real french fries until you've seen what this can do"- Mina West

The Tesla Pistol is a weapon that made by Nikolai Tesla, who gave it to Mina West while she worked for him and since then she has used this weapon as well as her other weapons against hordes of Zombies and monsters. This weapon fires an energy pulse of concentrated electricity at the person it's being fired at. It has 2 settings, one is a low powered stun that is good for capturing and taking down enemies that need to be taken alive. The other setting is a high powered blast capable of Frying the brain of a zombie, as well as a human. There is a battery compartment that has a mag capacity of 30 blasts of energy and can be either recharged or reloaded.

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