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Country Located: Tellhani
Provisions: N/A
Leader(s): Cortes Santiago
Survivor(s): Cortes Santiago, Andreas Filch

Tellhani is an Oil-rich island country in the continental area of South America, with a population of 2,398, that operates under the Capitalist goverment of Cortes Santiago, friendly to the United States and United Kingdom. It came under attack from Bio-terrorism in 2011.


Tellhani was discovered by French explorers in 1701 and turned into a colony in 1703. The colony itself was under French control until 1805 when it was capture by Spain and annexed. In 1865, it rebelled with the help of British spies wanting to destabilize Spanish control of South America, then gaining it's independence in 1870. The then established goverment, to the horror of Britain, decided to adopt a Capitalist goverment. It then experienced a renaisance, with several famous composers and actors being born between 1871 and 1882. At the end of the 19th century, the country remained a largely lural country and playground of rich Europeans. It re
Tellhani Map

Official Tourist Map circa 1990

mained neutral during both World Wars, although many of it's number joined on the side of the allies as mercenaries or international volunteers. Then during the 50's, it suffered an uprising supported by the Union Of Socialist Socialists Republic and supplied by it. The insurgents were defeated quickly by US Marines sent by Harry S. Truman to aid the friendly goverment and secure Oil reserves on the island. In 1965, it became quite popular with tourists, allowing it to establish a healthy tourist industry that has lasted ever since. By 1990, it was both a popular attraction for tourists and politicians alike, for picturesque scenery and oil respectively.

Bio-Terrorist AttacksEdit

In 2004, a year after Umbrella Corporation had been found responsible for the destruction of Raccoon city and collapsed, a Hunter was found to have been responsible for murdering several farmers. At this time, the interest in Bio-Terrorist attacks in the Tellhani goverment was running high, as was their concern. By 2011, at least 7 B.O.Ws had been seen and killed. The US and UK had been concerned about the outbreaks from the very start, although only the US had stationed troops in 2005. The UK deci
SBCS Regulars On Patrol

SBCS Regulars In Tellhani In 2011

ded to send it's relatively new force, the Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service, to help both the US garrison on the island and the Tellhani Defense Force defend the islands from B.O.W attacks. On may 5th, 2011, an unknown number of Plaga-infected insurgents attacked a garrison of SBCS and US soldiers and a platoon of Tellhani soldiers defending the local radio and television station, which was succesfully repelled by the multi-national force. In a bid to find out where the virus samples had come from, the SBCS dispatched the seasoned experts Andy "Rockets" Rogers, Nicolas Antonik and Louis "John" Needles to investigate and located the source of the virus. It turned out that the virus had been dropped off by a rogue Central Intelligence Agency agent, going only by the codename "Blackout," bent on revenge against the US after his ousting from the CIA. The team attempted to capture the rogue agent, but failed to do so, having to turn to killing him due to the risk of him escaping. Information pointed towards an unknown behind-the-scenes leader, which the team procceeded to investigate. When they reached the US controlled airbase on the island, Corcolas AFB, they discovered the soldiers stationed there had been killed or infected with the Plaga virus. Fighting their way through to the control tower, the team then found the now dying commander of the airbase, who told them the location of their target before he was killed by a Plaga infectee by being impaled on a radar mast atop the building. They then followed the commanders lead to an old Lighthouse, where they eventually found out that a former communist insurgent of the 1950s attempted uprising, Alesander Aritza, had been controlling the Plaga infectees. He mutated into a Verdugo after a gloating speech and attacked the team, whereupon he was heavily wounded. In a desperate attempt to kill them, he used his tail to cut off Antonik's arm, then being shot by Louis in the head, finally dying.

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