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The Teargas is the fourth stage of mutation after a normal human is infected with the T-Virus. The Teargas, living up to its name, can emit several compunds of chemicals and toxins from small holes on the outer layer of its flesh. Teargases are very formadable creatures and, as such, they should not be underestimated.

Differences and Similarities to Other Stages of the Zombie Mutation Edit

Zombie: The Teargas is much more faster, of which is obviously taken from the Licker and Crimson Head. It is highly agressive, unlike the Zombie, though much like the Crimson head and later forms.

Crimson Head: Few

Licker: The Teargas will often dangle from the cealing and attack and swipe prey with it's claws, while it's swift and strong feet support it from the cealing. Also it isn't able to crawl along walls, possably due to the fact that their claws are shaped like sickles. These talons allow it

Evolved Licker: Much like the Evolved Licker, Teargases are very resiliant against most weapons. In truth, their colour


Teargases are prominent foes in many games part of the Darkhard-Continuity; their first appearance was in Resident Evil: The Wesker Chronicles. They are treated as normal enemies.


  • Quite obviously, their etymology comes from the fact that they excreet poisonous gases as an offensive employment.

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