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Tammy Jin
Tammy Jin
Date of birth:March 9th, 1963
Date of death:September 29th, 1998
Blood type:O+
Height:160 cm
Mass:46 kg
Race/Nationality:Chinese American
  • Eric Lee (husband)
  • Dom Lee (adopted son)
  • Occupation:Police Officer (????-1998)
    Relationship status:Widowed
    Status:Deceased (Zergverse)
    Alive (alternate timeline)
    Appearances:Resident Evil: Gambit

    Tammy Jin was the foster mother of Dom Lee. She was a surviving officer of the Raccoon City Police Department, until the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


    Tammy Jin was born in, and grew up in China. After high school, she left to the United States for college and soon became a US citizen, giving herself the name, Tammy. How she became a police officer is unknown.

    She fell in love with Eric Lee and they were wed. They were unable to have children, so they adopted a son, Tammy not knowing that he was really part of a twisted eugenics project. A few months after the adoption, Lee told Tammy of Umbrella and its immoral ways, and told her that he had to leave them for some time to keep them safe. Tammy, of course, protested, but eventually agreed. After she was convinced, she completely lost contact with Lee, and continued to search for him throughout the years.

    Raccoon City Police DepartmentEdit

    Nothing specific is stated about Tammy's career in Raccoon City other than that she had arrested Aiden O'Shaunghnessey four times, and that she had been consistently failing at catching Doll-Face.

    Raccoon City IncidentEdit

    José Serpiente: "Do you need help?"
    Austin Nielsen: "Nah, she's fine."
    ―Two survivors who are out of ammunition, watching Tammy take on a horde of zombies


    In Resident Evil: Gambit, Tammy wears the typical R.P.D. Officer uniform.

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