This article, THE INFILTRATION OF NOAH IN 2018-2036, was written by Bilmangri. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

the infiltration of NOAH is a case which participant were Leon.S.Kenedy,Claire redfield,Chris redfield,Jill valentine and Jacob redfield. it occured in 2018 and 2036


NOAH is an abandoned aircraft carrier which was bought back in 2016 and was established as a private reasearch facility from 2017. in the summer of 2017, once a again, a powerful virus created by NOAH burst out and cause an apocalyspe. BSAA and terrasave managed to track down the source of the virus-NOAH in 2018 and sent Leon.S.Kenedy to investigated. he failed to return as he was held captive by the last survivor of NOAH who managed to escape from the experiment which wiped most of the reasearcher. Leon was then presumed missing and death.althrough many attempt from 2018-2036 to rescue Leon but his trace or whereabout is still a mystery. following the even Leon was captured, Claire gave birth to the future participant, Jacob redfield-Kenedy -his son

in the year 2036,18 years old Jacob was sent to re-investigate NOAH with Chris-his uncle, jill-his aunt and his mother-claire. throughout investigating, Claire discovered the patch that Leon once wore before he gone and dertimined to find him. after Jacob was split from his family. he investigating by himself and discovered the now aged leon. batteled creature through out the facilities. he found all of his family and escaped the facility as they bombed the place after having destroyed the remaining virus.

following the infiltration of NOAH, a protoype vaccine which was found by him under the secret tunnel was created and saved many life. the year 2036 marked the end of the colony virus reign from 2018-2036

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