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"T-Virus Alpha is not really considered a virus by my standards, to me it's the savior of all mankind"-Michael Franklin Miller

T-Virus Alpha

T-Virus Alpha

The T-Virus Alpha is a different and much more benefitial strand of the original viral agent known as the T-Virus, which was developed by Albert Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation. This virus is not transmitted like the other strands are, although they are known to still be transmitted by a bite, however it can also be injected into the body as well, but the most common way is to be bitten.


T-Virus Alpha's origin was in the progenitor known as Michael Franklin Miller who was bitten by a carrier of the T-Virus which instead of turning him into a Zombie, it bonded to his DNA and in turn, a gene had a awakened in his body. This gene was that of a Vampire from the 1300's, which the T-Virus managed to awaken and bond to, giving Miller his new powers and abilities.


T-Virus Alpha (Contained)

T-Virus Alpha

The now bonded gene is known to provide Miller with the health of his 24 year old state and keeping him resistant from other diseases and other forms of artificial or natural viruses such as Uroboros and Las Plagas. The gene also enhances Millers natural abilities such as speed, strength, healing, heightened senses and even genetic memory. This also leads to Miller's ability to transmit this to others, thanks to fangs that protrude from his natural canines and he can bite into the person he wants to transmit his condition to, like his wife Jane Valentine. Miller and all like him are also known to have bones that can shatter another person's bones if ever punched and with this, Miller can even withstand a fall from 50-200,000ft and survive, Miller is just as equal in strength as Wesker. The molecular bond of this strand is completely impervious to all forms of medication, serums and even the Anti-Virus. This strand also gives the carrier eternal youth, thanks to the Vampire gene and T-Virus combination, it also is known to allow the progenitor and carriers who are born with it, the power to shapeshift into so many different people. The virus is also a unique strand because it has no need for the carrier to feed on flesh or blood, nor any other form of nourishment to keep it alive and therefore it is a self sustaining viral agent. Another feature it has is that any kind of symbiotic lifeform that attempts to enter it's carrier, the virus is known to kill it by feeding off it's life escense, primarily blood which has no effect on the virus strain.

Known CarriersEdit

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