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Created T-Virus
Created By Genetic Alteration and T-Virus Experimentation
Creation Sea Creature
Based Shark
Height/Length 40-70ft
Purpose Intimidation, Torture and Execution
Status Alive

The T-Poseidon is a form of mutation combining genetic alteration using cloning technology and combining it with the T-Virus. The creature is known to be carnivorous in nature and will either eat or attack anything that makes a splash, anything such as a human, zombie and even a creature like U-14. T-Poseidons are known to be extremely fast swimmers and have a 10-20ft wide bite and are also known to be loners, however if they call for reinforcements, they arrive and start to attack larger creatures. A heavily modified rocket from an RPG is known to be highly effective against a creature of this size and can be blinded if shot in the eye.


Oswell E. Spencer and his remnants of the Umbrella Corporation are known to have them for either intimidation, torture or execution, so that they can set an example for others who dare cross their path. They are basically kept as pets by Spencer and they are usually fed 2-3000 pounds of meat per day, except on the days where he tortures his enemies.

Jane's EncounterEdit

One time, Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus was investigating possible signs that Umbrella might have been in the area or still was, so Michael Franklin Miller, his wife Jane Valentine, Sam Redfield and Yuri Jovovich, along with another squad were checking out the area and then Jane was captured by Spencer. She was stripped of her weapons and catsuit, completely naked and tossed into a tank of 2 T-Poseidons, so she made her escape in a small area that they simply couldn't get through and then Miller found her in an alleyway in New Raccoon City, completely naked. After that, Jane made a promise that if she ever encountered Spencer again, he'd make him pay.

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