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Kylie "Sweet 16" Summers
Sweet 16
Date of birth:April 4,2007
Blood type:A+
Height:5ft 9
Mass:130 lb
Occupation:New Amazon
Spouse(s):Merlin Summers
Children:Clark Summers

Kylie "Sweet 16" Summers is a member of the New Amazons and a good friend of Penthesilea Samaras. She became a member of the New Amazons when her friends did and since then she has been combating many Bioterrorism factions. She earned the nickname "Sweet 16" because she always carried around a book from the 1960's titled "My Sweet 16". She is also implanted with the symbiote known as the Styx. She is married to Merlin Thompson.


Kylie assisted the New Amazons while fighting along side Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus against the Umbrella Facist Group.


Kylie is a brunette with brown eyes and a hardcore attitude. She wears a flak jacket with nothing underneath and wears only a belt for bottoms, which houses her sidearm and Ammunition.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Kylie usually carries a Colt M-16 and a P08 Luger as her sidearm.

Other Weapons of ChoiceEdit

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