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Location:Redwood City, Colorado
Population:80,000 (Growing)
Notable events:T-Virus Outbreak of 1999
Current status:Destroyed; February 11th, 1999

The Suburbs District also known as Northwick is one of the boroughs in Redwood City. Although this is considered the largest bouough, it is still legally the smallest as the bourough was limited to half that of Uptown. Though due to realtors and a recent population increase, the suburbs expanded far beyond it's legal limits, forcing the city limits back. Though it is also the least populated, meaning many of the houses here are still for sale.

In recent years, many occupiants of this bourough complained that police response time was limited to none as the Police Station is located on the other side of the river. In 1981, the Northwick Police Station was opened and given control to Nicholas Hart. During the T-Virus Infection of 1999, the station was in minor disrepair as the locks were failing which helped the infected citizens break free from their cells, and the front door's hinges were in need of being replaced.

This station becomes completed infected in a matter of hours after the outbreak is announced, It is also the deathplace of Nicholas Hart, who became infected; Duncan Grey, who also became infected; and Jack Daly, who prevented infection by killing himself. The suburbs were the second highest in crime rate, as it was close to Riverside.


  • Northwick is also the name of a district in Hollywood, which helped inspire this.
  • The Suburbs are common things in many major cities.

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