Location:Uptown District
Notable events:T-Virus Outbreak of 1999
Current status:Destroyed; February 11th, 1999

StripTease is a high-level stripclub located in the Uptown Red Light District. During the T-Virus Outbreak, the doors were open and let in hundreds of zombies. Chad White, a frequent customer, helped two strippers into the bathroom but later killed them. Michael and Valery enter here after seeing a sign that reads "SURVivors In HEAr!" though, it is unknown who put it up.




The layout of the building follows a traditional New York Strip Club from the 1970s-1990s. A bar centered in the middle with televisions along the center of the bar pointed at patrons, a stage almost completely around (Except for the entrance stairs and Bathroom hallways). There is also a stage in between the bathroom hallways with two glowing stars on the front and the word "STARDOM" on it.

The STARDOM Stage was probably for the best strippers and thus, rarely used. There is also a board of "Frequent Customers" in the hallway from the entrance with Chad White's name and face and numerous others, including Greg Campbell (Psychopath from Operation Underlight DLC). The bathrooms are long and hold up to six stalls each, except for the mens room as it holds six stalls and four urinals, and eight sinks.


  • Striptease is the only stripclub seen in the Red Light District.
  • StripTease was being renovated at the time and being renamed "The Triangle Club" prior to the infection.
  • Chad White, along with Greg Campbell, are assumed frequent customers here.

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