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Stella Havel
Stell Havel main
Date of birth:1976
Family:Lawrence Bailey (fiancé)
Occupation:UBCS operative (former)
Head of HBBSF (current)
Relationship status:Widowed

Stella Havel is a former UBCS operative and the current head of the Hamontree-Barnes Biotechnologies Security Forces.


Raccoon City OutbreakEdit

Stella Havel was a UBCS operative during the Raccoon City Outbreak. She and her fiancé Lawrence Bailey, survived the incident, escaping Raccoon City with him.

Stella Havel search

Stella Havel, searching for her Bailey

Only a few years after the Raccoon City Outbreak, a bioterrorist group called Za'afiel attempted to force Bailey to work for them, kidnapping him in the process. Having military experience herself, Stella decided to personally rescue her fiancé, and she subsequently fought through and killed several Za'afiel guards. Za'afiel's leader, Eric Cunningham, decided to execute Bailey and escape before Stella could reach him.

Stella was soon contacted by Ayana Hamontree, who offered Stella a promise of vengeance, should Stella join Hamontree's security forces. With limited options, Stella agreed to Hamontree's proposal.

Stella aims at zombies