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Stella Havel
Stell Havel main
Date of birth:1976
Family:Lawrence Bailey (husband, widowed)
Kenny Bailey (son)
Unnamed Armisael (child)
Occupation:UBCS operative (former)
Head of HBBSF (current)
Relationship status:Widowed

Stella Havel is a former UBCS operative and the current head of the Hamontree-Barnes Biotechnologies Security Forces.


Raccoon City OutbreakEdit

Stella Havel was a UBCS operative during the Raccoon City Outbreak. She survived the incident, escaping Raccoon City with him, but her husband, Lawrance Bailey, an Umbrella researcher, was consumed by the outbreak.

Eight months after the outbreak, Stella gave birth to her son, Kenny.


Stella Havel search

Stella Havel, searching for her son, Kenny Bailey

When Kenny was three years old, he was kidnapped by the bioterrorist group Za'afiel, which believed that Stella could lead them to her late husband's research, hoping to get their hands on unique B.O.W.s without needing to pay for them. Stella had no idea about her husband's research and focused primarily on getting her son back. She contacted whatever favors she could, but all of them proved to be unsuccessful. Having military experience herself, she decided to personally find her son. Stella was able to locate her son, who was being held at a warehouse, and she subsequently fought through and killed several Za'afiel guards. Za'afiel's leader, Eric Cunningham, decided that he could cheaply obtain B.O.W.s in a different manner, so he ordered the execution of Kenny. By the time Stella reached the room Kenny was being held, all that was left was his teddy bear covered in his blood. Cunningham and his henchmen escaped the building with the body of her son.

Hamontree's test subjectEdit

Stella aims at zombies

Stella, navigating her way out of the abandoned facility

Before Stella could commit suicide out of despair, several armed operatives of an unknown organization arrived and tranquilized her. When Stella awoke, she found herself in what looked like an abandoned building. She was stripped completely naked, but given her weapons and a belt with pouches to store supplies. At first, Stella thought it was Za'afiel's doing, until the loudspeakers of the building went off, with a woman speaking. The woman introduced herself as Ayana Hamontree and told Stella she had chosen her to test her new B.O.W.s. Hamontree promised Stella that if she can make it out of the bioweapons testing alive, she will grant her the means to avenge her son. Stella did not want to trust Hamontree, but knew that she had no choice. Her first enemies were lickers and different strains of hunters, all of which she was able to kill without getting injured. Stella was also able to pick up additional ammunition along the way.

Stella's path first took her to the basement, which was flooded up thigh level. Upon entering the nearest room, she encountered what looked like a large lump of slime. She fired upon it, but the slime absorbed her shots. The creature then opened its mouth, revealing itself to be a giant salamander coated in thick slime. Realizing that she couldn't kill the creature, Stella tried to escape, but discovered that the slime had also trapped her legs. The creature then shot its tongue into Stella's birth canal. Stella first struggled to pull it out, but after many minutes of the creature only feeling her with its tongue, she gave up and decided to wait for the monster salamander to let her go. Sure enough, the creature did release Stella and wandered away. When Stella attempted to walk again, she found out that doing so was easier, despite the slime's presence in the water.

Stella made her way to the opposite side of the basement and found another set of stairs that led upwards. Once again, she faced familiar foes, such as lickers and hunters. This time, Stella found it easier to kill her enemies. She felt faster and could react quicker to the creature's actions. Unfortunately, her spree was stopped by a large hornet that stung her in the back before she could shoot it. The venom quickly paralyzed Stella, completely immobilizing her. Stella could only watch in horror as the mutated wasp inserted its ovipositor into her vagina and delivered its eggs into her womb. The wasp flew off, leaving Stella to incubate its eggs. A few hours later, Stella felt the eggs hatch into large grubs. After another hour of paralysis, the grubs only continued to move and did not cause any noticeable damage, much to Stella's relief. Once she was able to gain control of her body, Stella attempted to push the grubs out. She succeeded, and was able to get them out one at a time. Exhausted, Stella decided to rest for several minutes. It was during this time that the grubs wrapped themselves into cocoons and then rehatched as adult wasps. These wasps did not go after Stella, however, and flew around as if she was not there. When Stella regained enough energy to continue, the wasps followed her. The moment she entered combat, the hornets attacked lickers and hunters Stella had to face, inflicting acid-induced wounds with their stingers. After two hours since their birth, however, the hornets dropped dead, their life spans expending.

Not long after the wasps have died, Stella came across a giant hammerhead worm. The creature leaped at Stella and pinned her to the ground. It then shot its tube-like mouth from its "underbelly" at Stella's face at point-blank range. Stella was able to catch the mouth and redirect it to her right nipple. The creature released digestive fluid into Stella's breast, dissolving it from the inside and sucking up its remains. Before the creature could damage anything vital, Stella used her knife to cut off the giant worm's pharynx, causing it to release her. In seconds, however, the pharynx began to grow into what looked like another worm. Stella soon spotted a nearby nitrogen tank next to the originally creature, and fired, freezing the creature and what came from it. She then shot the frozen bodies, shattering them into many pieces. After the ordeal, Stella was surprised to find that her wound was no longer bleeding. As Stella continued to navigate through the building, her right breast was gradually regrowing.

Having spent many hours trapped, Stella found a window where she could clearly see outside. When she tried to break the glass, however, she found out it was bulletproof. Before Stella could leave the room she was in, at least a dozen zombies, led by three crimson heads, approached her. Stella was cornered, and killed as many zombies as she could until she ran out of ammo. One of the crimson heads then knocked her to the ground, but instead of eating her, the crimson head began having sex with her. Stella was grateful that she would not have to endure the pain of being eaten alive. Not minding her current state, she ceased her struggling.

With no way out, Stella continued to have sex with the zombies for several days, while being provided food through an opening in the wall. Stella made a few attempts to see if she could escape through the opening, although she gave up soon after, beginning to enjoy the zombies’ company. It was not until the fifth day when the crimson heads and zombies stopped having sex with Stella. She also noticed that she was pregnant. Before Stella could panic, Hamontree congratulated her through the speaker for almost completing the trial. When Stella demanded an explanation to the entire situation, Hamontree complied, telling her that each previous encounter of a unique B.O.W. served to enhance her physical abilities; the giant salamander released a biochemical in her body that increased her strength, speed, and durability, while the giant hammerhead worm gifted her with planarian-like regeneration of wounds. Hamontree then told Stella that she would find out for herself the uses of the Armisael she was pregnant with.

After two weeks of pregnancy was when the Armisael was born, taking the form of a vaguely-grub-like creature. The zombies and crimson heads immediately returned to having sex with Stella, while she nursed the Armisael larva she gave birth to. The Armisael then became a chrysalis one week after its birth, and then emerged into an adult in less than a minute. Stella felt a telepathic connection between herself and the creature. She telepathically ordered it to kill a zombie, and it proceeded to melt down the nearest zombie with its corrosive saliva. Stella then ordered her Armisael to melt a hole through the wall, allowing her to escape the room. Stella had her Armisael block the new passage so the crimson heads and zombies could leave her alone.


Stella Havel hunt

Stella, firing upon Za'afiel guards

When Stella confronted Hamontree about her promise, Hamontree told her that she had located Za’afiel’s hideout. With her superhuman abilities as well as having B.O.W.s, Stella would have no trouble avenging her son. Upon arriving at the Za’afiel headquarters, Stella and her Armisael killed the outdoor guards. After killing even more guards, Stella was able to face Cunningham herself. With nowhere to hide, Cunningham tried to escape, only to be chased down by Stella with her superhuman speed, knocking her nemesis to the ground. With revenge right before her, Stella commanded the Armisael to expel smaller quantities of acid onto Cunningham, starting with his feet. As Cunningham screamed in pain from being burned to death agonizingly, Stella only watched with satisfaction. When the terrorist leader was nothing more than a puddle of flesh, blood, and Armisael vomit, Stella left the facility and returned to Hamontree.

Delighted by Stella’s success, Hamontree offered to make her the leader of her military, the Hamontree-Barnes Biotechnologies Security Forces. With nothing left to live for, Stella accepted the offer.

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